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Glenridge Pool Supplies -- All You Need!


Glenridge Pool Supplies is the best place to shop for all your pool needs. Need pool supplies in Los Angeles or elsewhere? No sweat! We can keep you up to date on all the necessary equipment, tools, or fixes your sparkling pride and joy may require. Our store is located in Glendale, California, but our equipment can be ordered from anywhere.

Buying automatic pool cleaner parts or a brand-new swimming pool skimmer is super easy on our online storefront. We invite you to browse through our pages and to pick up the items you want. No need to hop in the car, weíll deliver a completely fulfilled swimming pool supply request in no time.

So save on cartridge pool filters and Hayward heater parts. Everything you might need is available at fair prices! Find straightforward costs and straightforward quality. Thatís the way itís supposed to be. So get a forthright deal on your swimming pool pumps.

If youíre delaying your swimming pool skimmer purchase because youíre waiting for a good deal, youíve found it. Our prices offer you unbeatable value every day. Discover it for yourself today. Itís time to get those cartridge pool filters you so greatly need.

The moment to shop smart is now, and you know where to find us. Become a customer at Glenridge Pool Supplies; itís a decision you wonít regret. Weíve got it all: a swimming pool skimmer, a variety of smart pool controls, like the Zodiac iAquaLink IQ900 for smartphones or Web-enabled devices, and an abundance of other supplies. Keeping the water clean and running can be painless if you have the right equipment. Purchase your Zodiac iAquaLink IQ900 right now. Get the pool ready for this yearís outdoor get-togethers. Welcome your friends and family to a refreshing dip at your pool. Whether yours is in-ground or above it, weíll have you squared away with all thatís necessary. Say Yes to the Hayward heater parts you want.
Glendale, CA        1-818-246-7337
Monrovia, CA        1-626-357-POOL

712 N. Glendale Avenue
Glendale, CA 91206
8am - 5pm  (Monday - Saturday)
10am - 3pm  (Sunday)

1206 S. Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia CA 91016
8am - 5pm  (Monday - Saturday)
10am - 3pm  (Sunday)

www.glenridgepoolsupplies.com www.glenridgepoolsupplies.com  
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